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Attachment Theory

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"Know thyself". This Ancient Greek aphorism is still today the great inspiration for many therapeutic processes. And one of the most ingenious maps for this path of self-knowledge is the Attachment Theory.


In this workshop, we will build a field of learning and practice of:


  • the 4 attachment styles in depth;

  • recognising the attachment/bonding patterns in us and in those we relate to;

  • reinforcing healthy patterns and supporting transformation of challenging patterns;

  • understanding some aspects of our childhood and how it influences our adult life;

  • gaining tools for everyday life;

  • creating safer and more conscious relationships;

  • receiving and offering attentive and compassionate listening when in conflict;

  • navigating conflicts more responsibly and responsively;

  • being part of a supportive and learning community.

Our meetings will be online and live, lasting 5 weeks. The entire structure of the meetings will be announced soon!


Spots are limited, so that we have an optimal container for deepening.

So, if this universe is inviting you and you are ready for a major turning point in your life and relationships, get on the waiting list and guarantee your place in the circle!

Thus, just as animals of many species, including humans, are disposed to respond with fear to sudden movement or a marked change in level of sound or light because to do so has a survival value, so are many species, including humans, disposed to respond to separation from a potentially caregiving figure and for the same reasons.

John Bowlby, precursor da Teoria do Apego

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