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Siwa Oasis, Sahara Desert/ Egypt

Hello, I am Mariana.

I am here to assist a conscious dive into your depth so that we can harvest together the pearls of healing and wisdom that emerge from this.


My intention is to support personal empowerment through careful and assertive therapeutic processes, having the Body as a means to access what is stored and ready to be revealed.

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My Poetic-Professional

My journey, like the sea, is one of mysteries and discoveries, different colours, fluctuating temperatures and unique beauty.
The poetry of the Body has always been my object of study and fascination.

I immersed myself in Eastern philosophies from an early age, especially in Taoist Sexual Alchemy.

I became a Qi Gong instructor, learned the arts of Conscious and Therapeutic Touch, practiced Meditations diligently and to this day I carry the mantle of that Initiation with me.

At the same time that I followed the paths of this knowledge, I studied Ayurvedic Medicine and with it I learned a little more about human nuances, their configurations, patterns and potencies.
I further deepened my interest and practice in Massage Therapy and discovered the magic of Healing Aromas and Plants.
I graduated in Pedagogy to support my main academic training: Waldorf Pedagogy. In Anthroposophy I found much of the spiritual basis that resonates to this day in my therapeutic practice.

Working with Mariana brought me so much peace in my life. I learned how to create a bond with my body and cherish its signals and messages. In the meantime, I am loving my personality deeper and became truer to the human being that I am. I worked one year with Mariana and I’ve never progressed so much in my inner work and path in this world. She’s holding space with such a soft and caring energy, while she holds up all the needed mirrors for me to see and accept myself. Thank you Mariana.

Anya, Berlim


I have been a Yoga and Dance teacher, and thru dealing with many groups, I developed a strong desire to know more about Communities.

I supported the founding of a beautiful Ecovillage in Minas Gerais, I engaged with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and coordinated some international conferences in Europe (Arterra Ecovillage/ Spain, Findhorn Ecovillage/ Scotland, Tamera Ecovillage/ Portugal , Angsbacka Ecovillage/ Sweden, Lilleoru Ecovillage/ Estonia).

And all this happened along with my genuine interest in my own sexuality and the sexual drive present in relationships.

Horus Temple, Edfu/ Egypt

Building a network of people who vibrate for new paradigms related to sexuality

Building a network of people who vibrated for new paradigms related to sexuality and being attentive to the demand that came to me through who I attended as a holistic therapist, I directed my work more and more towards this field.

Until I found ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), a nomadic school of Sexual Shamanism that appeared as the culmination of an extensive journey in search of a tribe that vibrated coherent and responsible freedom in these areas of my research.

The meeting was so strong that, today, I am the producer of ISTA in Brazil, an apprentice at this school and part of the team that facilitates courses in different countries.

In Somatic Experience® and in Psychotraumatology I find the scientific and sensitive basis for what I consider to be the great master of our lives: the Nervous System.

Diving into the complexity of it, I delved into studies on Attachment Theory, Emotional Liberation, Reframing Trauma and the power of bonding as a container for Healing and thriving.

I continue to assist individuals and couples, facilitating workshops, offering spaces for conversation and exchanges about Sacred Sexuality, Healthy Relationships and Personal Empowerment, having a special appreciation for working with women and addressing the shadow and light that hover inside and outside of us.

I invite myself daily to perceive myself as new.

Faz tempo que deixei de lado a idéia de me definir para me lançar no abismo do me reconhecer. E a cada mergulho, volto com as pérolas de um olhar curioso e deslumbrado com tantas possibilidades de me reinventar…

To dance: be the body.
To feel: be surrender.
To enjoy yourself: be breath.
And to know yourself: be the other.

mari frança

Siwa Oasis, Sahara Desert/ Egypt


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Artists's Tomb, Siwa Oasis/ Egypt

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