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my proposal

As a Therapist and Somatic Educator specialised in Relationships, Sexuality and Trauma, I am dedicated to creating safe spaces where transformation can happen.

Having the Body as a means of accessing and releasing what blocks balance and health, I bring ancient and modern healing arts to an encounter adapted to what is presented.


Drinking from sources such as Taoism, Neuroscience, Conscious Sexuality and Responsible Communication, I support individuals, couples and groups by promoting coaching and events where this focus is approached with the necessary respect and integrity.

I have a degree in Somatic Experiencing™ (SE) and Psychotraumatology, which are the foundations of my clinical practice. I also work as a Forum facilitator (ZEGG Forum) and Temple holder where personal empowerment sets the tone.


I believe that the knowledge of how the Nervous System works and the application of tools to regulate it are a great and necessary step towards this empowerment.

And that is my drive, my dedication and the essence of my proposal.

Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing®(SE) is one of the most effective and sensitive methodologies I know, and for this reason it is a major foundation of my therapeutic practice.

Formulated by Peter Levine, it tells us that trauma is not in the mind but in the body, and through accessing the inner envelopes that hold the unprocessed memories of our traumas, we can release and give new meaning to our own history.

The primary difference between SE® and a talk-focused psychotherapy is that the latter does not address bodily sensations as a means to access such traumatic memories.

It does not allow the charges stored in the body to be released, leaving room only for cognitive understanding of what happened.

And as we know, this is often not enough.

By inviting sensory experiences to participate in the session, we open the possibility of a real liberation, giving back the reins to the autonomic nervous system and supporting its regulation.



Psychotraumatology emerges as a large continent that circumvents many of today's diverse methodologies for working with trauma.

It aligns the most recent studies of Neuroscience and Somatic Psychotherapy, giving a very rich panorama so that the proposed approach can meet the particularities of each client.

With this foundation, it is possible to recognise patterns of traumatic responses and their symptoms, and thus build a safe path for the transformation and prevention of disorders, blockages and reactions that are harmful to a state of well-being and balance.

Conscious Sexuality

From my perspective, we enter the universe of Conscious Sexuality when the way we navigate our desires and needs is connected and rooted in consent, healthy curiosity, responsible pleasure and the celebration of life!

This awareness involves studying and dedicating oneself to knowing one's Body in a calm and open way; discovering the paths that pleasure defines, without rushing or being goal orientated.

Letting go of the stubborn pursuit of orgasm and recognising pleasure in the details. Taking time to ask yourself what brings you pleasure in life, including but not limited to possible sexual interactions.

Libido, as a vital driving force, doesn't just refer to skin and organ arousal. It brings the awareness that everything we do, say, think and feel makes up the complex fabric of feeling good and full filled.


In my work, I offer several of the paths that I myself follow, drinking from ancestral sources that placed Sexuality in a sacred and fundamental place in society.


Through Temples (experiential labs where the exploration of interactions is diverse and within consent) we can experience a taste of this proposal.

Also in the individual and couples sessions, I present opportunities for exploring this realm, through tantric and Taoist rituals and practices, also bringing elements of sexual shamanism and psycho-emotional liberation.

Another important point to mention when we approach Conscious Sexuality is the clarity that, no matter which Body we inhabit, we have both in us: feminine and masculine.

And so we can navigate in all the nuances that overcoming the woman vs. man paradox provides.

Decolonize your own Body, your own soul, your own mind.

De-inhabit the normosis, the common place, the stigma. 

Entering an androgynous universe where we can choose.

Where we should choose.

Where choosing is, ultimately, the most political act there is.

On this I base my approach to this subject :)


Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory (or Bond Theory, as I like to call it) is, in essence, a precious map for understanding how our adult relationships are influenced by the bond we developed with our primary caregiver in childhood.
This "primary caregiver" is the person who was primarily responsible for emotionally tuning in and caring for the baby.
It could be the mother, the father, a grandfather, an aunt; it is that primary person to whom the child was connected and sought to have their needs met.

Through the lens of this theory, based on how this bond developed, we can recognise the type of attachment that was formed.
This being: secure or insecure attachment. The latter broken down into anxious, avoidant and disorganised.

Some of the benefits and importance of learning Attachment Theory is, above all, greater self-awareness, which generates a deeper intimacy with ourselves. It helps us to share more of our inner world with others so that we can create better connections and be more vulnerable.
It also allows us to be less defensive to feedback. And all of this together strengthens our own personal awareness and also our relational awareness.

Another pearl that this map brings is helping us to understand our childhood stories, helping to integrate and understand why we do certain things in our relationships, who we are attracted to, what we fight for or run away from.

It is a fascinating and thought-provoking universe, where we can correlate behavioural patterns with the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, and through proposed tools, refine the music that plays in this complex dance of relating.


FORUM (ZEGG Forum) is a group dynamic that takes place in a circle, where each one is responsible and dedicated to offering true listening and transparent speech to create a field of mutual support.

More than a methodology, technique or tool, FORUM is an event, a happening, an experiment.
In it we invite to the center of the circle what is alive in the center of us.
And as if in a dance between affections, emotions and thoughts, the living poetry of becoming transparent, naked and vulnerable in its power of expression is revealed.

The purpose is apparently simple: to reveal what is authentic, alive and true and to create a space of trust for expression and listening between people.

The magic of FORUM is what emerges from this meeting of humans seeking the truth of feelings and relationships.


It is not a space for telling stories, but for expressing inner worlds.
The narrative that our emotions bring.
The living paths that oscillate and are structured in the internal landscape of each one.

The structure takes place through self-responsible sharing, where we refer to ourselves and speak in the 1st person. The group is the container and reflection of our impact on the world.
Those who facilitate carry within themselves the sensitivity to support this sharing in order to smooth out rough edges and deepen the experience.

This space is suitable for people who wish to develop their communication skills and authentic expression and who are in search of how to nurture a culture of peace based on the understanding of where the human drama is born.

Amoreira Beach, Aljezur/ Portugal


1:2 couple sessions

The sessions for couples are aimed at establishing a clear and careful communication, focusing on the 3rd entity present in this meeting: the relationship itself.

By directing the gaze to the dynamics that exist between 2 individuals, the whole system is nourished and restored.


1:1 individual sessions

The 1:1 Somatic Therapy sessions present a space for deep listening and acceptance, mobilising states of liberation and insight that support self-healing and the recovery of pleasure of being in the Body.

Once the themes are named, whether by words, movements, sounds or silence, we open up the possibility for the Body to express its own health, to revive the inherent power of self-regulation with the support of my presence.

Trust is the nest that embraces the transformation.


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Artists's Tomb, Siwa Oasis/ Egypt

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