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Body of Water

live online experience

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BODY OF WATER:: Somatic Encounters with the Healing Feminine

Greetings, Women who swim in Deep Waters!


Opening the portals of 2023, I am here to make a pre-call for the Therapeutic Group for Women with the theme of Reframing Trauma!

In the first 2 cycles of the group, we were more than 40 women diving together in 20 revealing encounters, which generated a lot of strength and transformation in each one of us. I'm still navigating the reverberations of what we've experienced... And taking advantage of the wave of healing and beauty that was generated, I'm preparing the next cycle.

If you:

  • are interested in the topic;

  • believe in the power of your own history;

  • are looking for groups of women with clear intentions and reliability;

  • want to learn tools to support your therapeutic processes;

  • have openness and availability to share amongst women;

  • believe in the empowerment of your healing and transformation…

… this group is for you :)

For more information, share your email below and you will immediately receive a special invitation for the next cycle!

If you want to know a little more about BODY OF WATER, click here.

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