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Welcome to my treasure chest!

Here you will find inspirations, information, poetry and sharings about my field of research.

It is a space in constant transformation and updating, so feel free to revisit it from time to time and also suggest topics that interest you.


Who knows, maybe there are some treasures still in store waiting for you?


Love Beach/ New Zealand


Welcome to the sources from where I drink and overflow.

my own texts and
study references



Among the treasures I carry with me, Intimate Conversations are the gems!

I invited some people who are very dear to me to share their abundance with us!

This series of talks brings different themes, avant-garde perspectives, provocations and curiosities for those who feel connected to my work. The next editions are already being polished! Soon there's more!

So turn up the volume and enjoy!


Artists's Tomb, Siwa Oasis/ Egypt

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