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Temples are places of worship. Sacred spaces where we go when we want to get in touch with the divine, in different ways.

TEMPLE::EROS LAB is one of those refuges, where Sexuality conquers its sacred place and is experienced in a conscious, consensual and very, very fun way!

With each experience we have the opportunity to deepen intimacy with ourselves, allowing us to interact with other “pilgrims” in a guided and careful way, knowing more about our desires, boundaries, curiosities…

The experience lasts from 3 to 4 hours, and during that time, we walk through a wide range of rituals and exercises that aim to generate closeness, with free will and respect in the center of all interactions.

If you are looking for a space where you can:

  • express your desires, fears, gifts and vulnerabilities;

  • get to know people who have relationships and sexuality as a field of research and expansion;

  • cultivate safe and fun bonding moments;

  • connect with the pleasure of Being in a group;

  • get closer to the humanity present in all of us...

… this is a good place for you to explore!

Here we celebrate sexual energy lightly and even naively, revering to the sacred aspects of the feminine and masculine in us!

The next edition of TEMPLE::EROS LAB will take place soon, in some special place in Brazil and Europe!

If you are looking for an experience that challenges and comforts you, breaking down taboos and building beautiful connections, share your email below and you will receive a special invitation to join our next pilgrimage!

If you want to know a little more about the foundations that support TEMPLE::EROS LAB and enjoy some photos from previous editions, click here.

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