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Siwa Oasis, Sahara Desert/ Egypt

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What is Somatic Sexual Therapy?

An encounter of Potencies, where the Body leads according to what is alive in the moment.


An act of caring, welcoming and understanding in order to heal.

Heal yourself through the encounter with the other.

I believe in self-healing, and in the therapist's art as a catalyst for this process. The sessions I offer are co-creations.

I make myself available to listen with an active and delicate presence to what seeks space to be manifested.


Addressing the Body. The Body is the Master. The Temple. The Abyss and the Redemption of our issues.

My invitation is to witness, welcome, and let yourself be what you are, regardless of your stories, your traumas, searches and questions.

I gather a series of methodologies, techniques and researches which, aligned with intuition, are available to be used in favor of a more vibrant, more pleasurable, more coherent and healthy life.


Approaching Sexuality as the life force in action, transiting between affections and fears, surrender and contraction, delight and discovery…

Taking hold of the force that moves the entire universe..

The force of Creation anchored in our Bodies.

Among the practices to which I dedicate myself in this field, I highlight: Somatic Experiencing, Taoist Sexual Alchemy, Tantric Practices, and Love for the Human Being.

I carry in me the certainty that Love frees, restores and sustains the cure of all imbalances.

atendimento individual


1:1 individual sessions

The 1:1 Somatic Therapy sessions present a space for deep listening and acceptance, mobilising states of liberation and insight that support self-healing and the recovery of pleasure of being in the Body.

Once the themes are named, whether by words, movements, sounds or silence, we open up the possibility for the Body to express its own health, to revive the inherent power of self-regulation with the support of my presence.

Trust is the nest that embraces the transformation.


The purpose of 1:1 sessions is to:

  • establish a balanced combination between Psychotherapy and Somatic Practices;

  • create a safe space for your contents to have a place of being heard and reflected;

  • invite the Body to feel, express and release possible traumatic loads;

  • approach sexuality broadly and gently, demystifying beliefs and concepts that limit the full experience of it.

Trauma is part of Life and an element that we humans have in common. Learning about this topic and understanding its mechanisms is one of the goals of the sessions.

We call this part Psycho-education, which involves:

  • learning how the Nervous System works;

  • learning to deal with patterns of emotional activation;

  • learning how to support its regulation.


Another goal is to gain practical tools to be used inside and outside the session.

The framework of possibilities that Somatic Experience and Psychotraumatology offer is abundant and very effective.

By combining the tools and the cognitive understanding of our stories, I believe we have a great chance of effectively transforming our traumas, blockages and fears.

And as I always like to say, the sessions are co-creations: from our encounter, we open the chests of memories and tools and dive together into whatever wants to be revealed.

For more details, such as pricing, duration time and others, contact me.

I want to express my gratitude for the process we are experiencing together! I already feel different since I started therapy with you. More powerful, more centered, with more resources to welcome myself and choose how to set myself internally & externally.


My mood for daily challenges is different. The tone of my relationship is much more mature and loving. How many gifts came from the portals you opened for me!


I am in awe of my body and grateful to discover these resources, thank you for guiding me on this beautiful journey.

Zazá Humi, SP

atendimento casal


1:2 couple sessions

The sessions for couples are aimed at establishing a clear and careful communication, focusing on the 3rd entity present in this meeting: the relationship itself.

By directing the gaze to the dynamics that exist between 2 individuals, the whole system is nourished and restored.



As a Therapist and Somatic Educator specialised in Relationships, Sexuality and Trauma, I am dedicated to creating safe spaces where transformation can happen.
Having the Body as a means of accessing and releasing what blocks balance and health, I bring ancient and modern healing arts to an encounter adapted to what is presented.

I believe that the knowledge of how the Nervous System works and the application of tools to regulate it are a great and necessary step towards this empowerment.

And that is my drive, my dedication and the essence of my proposal.

Luxor/ Egypt

My work with couples is essentially based on 3 dimensions:

  • Recognise

  • Reconnect

  • Rekindle


Recognising. Meeting again... and again... and again. Looking at the relationship with curiosity and openness.

Recognising where you are is a key step in choosing where you want to go.

Acknowledging the faults and strengths of each one and of the relationship itself.


Reconnecting. Learning the paths that lead us towards each other. Creating threads that connect us to a new state of being in the Relationship.

Expressing desires and boundaries, without fear and without haste.

Remembering what brought you together and strengthen what is good.

Cleaning up the edges of communication and having a fresh way of listening to offer.

Re-light the flame that binds you together, rescuing Eros and its magic.

Lighting the fire that burns the heartache away and warms the desire, the will to be at peace in the partnership.

Rekindle the spark in the eyes and in the most intimate of each one.

Depending on each couple's search, the session can be directed to the practice of exercises, meditations, touch, listening and whatever we agree that is most appropriate for the moment.

If you are looking for:

  • a way to reactivate the alive and vibrant sexual energy that was usually more present in the past, remote or recent;

  • to reconnect with the purpose of the relationship, finding more meaning and depth in your marriage or courtship;

  • healing the recurrent lack of listening within the relationship and the consequent conflicts that arise from this lack…


… I dare to say that, because you are seeking a service like the one I offer, it is already a big step towards harmonising and rescuing Love beyond sorrows.

The work is supported by individual sessions, where each person establishes their own sacred space and returns to the relationship with more support and comfort within themselves.

For more details, such as pricing, duration time and others, contact me.


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Artists's Tomb, Siwa Oasis/ Egypt

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