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Body of Water

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Body of Water :: Somatic Encounters with the Healing Feminine


Body of Water is a Therapeutic Group for Women, with the theme of Reframing Trauma.


In its description there is a gerund: HealING. For every Healing is a process and every process is a path. Healing is not a place you arrive, but a state you inhabit.


The invitation is for 10 meetings, with a sensitive and coherent guiding thread, which creates a propitious container for the Alchemy of transformation.


In addition to my guidance as a Somatic, Sexual and Trauma Facilitator and Therapist, the suggested dynamics empower the participants to take ownership of their heroic journeys and gently invite the internal medicine of each one to compose this environment.


A welcoming environment of deep confidentiality & respect.

An ocean of possibilities, which honours the history and path of each one.


A safe haven to rest.

Among the chosen methodologies, the Somatic Experience® is the sea, which cradles and encompasses everything that arises with the intrinsic wisdom of the Body as the leader of waves.


Practices related to Non-Violent Communication, Taoist Alchemy, Sexuality and Conscious Relationships, Shadow Work, Shamanism and other pearls are also present in this ocean of revelations.


Body of Water is our Body, and our Body is our Home.

The group moved me. The women of the group are invited to flood the Zoom room with energy and presence, and thus boost everything around them, because they are women... for the simple fact that they are these powerful humans, full of experiences, pains and love that make them (us) a source of power for each other. Swimming in these waters, facilitated by Mariana, is pure delight. You are encouraged to be yourself, getting to know yourself better, through the eyes of the other... so revealing. Success! I'm another woman after diving into this group!!!!

Camila Piatto, RJ

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