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I came from the Water

I came from the water. Seaside placenta. I was born on the sands of Guanabara, I learned the gentle waves and the temper of undertows. The sand has always been my ground and castle. Until I found out that the dunes are modeled by the dance of the wind. And then I went traveling...

In my basket, woven with the blessings of my father and mother, strong as a mature womb and with my mouth open to the sky, I began to hear calls and deliverances. One after another, knowing from an early age the pain and delight of being. Girl, woman...

I was piling up desires and fears and thus discovering the mainstays of my mission. The invitation to ressignify was early, even before knowing that everything was already a little contrary to what the sea taught me. So I had to play with the mask of someone who comes from the water but learns to breathe in the dry. And I developed powerful lungs for it...

The Tao swallowed me. Chewed, repaired me. And noticed me. It opened the way for more. A passion for raw, natural, visceral things tattooed on my soul. It introduced me to death and life within it. I started to like the things of the earth. So much so that I understood that people need people to heal from people. Then I got to work.

I have in me the ancestral memory of the Priestesshood, the original devotion of the first People and the restless curiosity of post-Revolutionary generations. I am an Artivist of the Vital Force, I carry the banner of Confidence in Autonomy and Interdependence, I recognize myself as new and an apprentice of the neural Mysteries... It fascinates me to recognise every day the scars of existing and to witness the beauty of knowing nothing. Just keep going.

Body Therapist, Opener of Paths, Supporter of Spaces for Discovering Oneself Together. Because it is in the togetherness that I recognise myself as borders and immensity... I gained approval to propose boldness to people who trust people to heal. And it's been like this since I realised myself as people. I like people. People who forget and remember that they need people to be people.

As long as the sea allows me, I will be serving this purpose: learning to be people and supporting other people to also be.

This is my job.

This is my leisure.






Bem vindos às fontes donde bebo e jorro.

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