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And what was once wind became water

And what was once wind became water.

And broke into my house in the moment-when.

I let go of the certainties still clinging on, and flowed together with the salt of the sea.

It was easy to let go: mermaids have slippery skin and hands of waves…

What inhabits oneself always overflows back home.

I live at the bottom and I am overwhelmed when I realize that there are still so many shells to discover... and I, standing on the pier of attachment, almost coralised myself to the last rock I touched.

But clear water in cloudy water, mixes so much until it heals.

And my heart floats from sea to sea, in the serene calm of knowing nothing.. wanting nothing...

remembering everything and forgetting everything...

Just like the foam in love with the wave that created it, in the next instant it already dissolves and doesn't even remember which sea it sprouted from...

Freedom is being a river flowing to the sea

knowing, but not thinking, when to arrive.






Bem vindos às fontes donde bebo e jorro.

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