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Couple's therapy

Being together is an Art. Elaborated, complex, full of pleasures and challenges, since Art mirrors life, and our partners mirror everything to us. Yes, everything. Everything and more.

Those who have access to our inner being have a huge influence on us: the influence to make us feel naked in body and soul. No one manages to hide for long behind the walls of their defenses when Love arrives...

And everyday life, with its repetitive brushes, draws in the constancy of our choices to continue, the paths to success or failure. Inevitably.

Hence the crises. Hence the achievements.

Couples therapy is for every couple. That simple. Every partnership carries its blind spots. Inviting a professional to enter the sacredness of your relationship is to open oneself to a new light, new possibilities. Repair, regeneration, creativity, curiosity, more fire, more life, more truth, more friendship... so much springs from this fertile soil that is Therapy...

I am graced with these invitations constantly. I open my toolbox and we build new directions together. It's thrilling. Always.

If you feel something move while reading this, get in touch.

Maybe it's time to shake up some old and dysfunctional structures? Or enhance what is already potent?

In a Land of loneliness and setbacks, seeking support together is revolutionary.






Bem vindos às fontes donde bebo e jorro.

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