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Body & Memory

"To live is to tune the instrument From inside to outside From the outside to the inside..."

And the luthier with precise ears and careful hands is this elder of eternal memories, intra uterine, pre umbral...

Our body is the sacred envelope that maintains the thin layer of protection, precisely necessary for our nerves to be able to capture and transmit the full range of events that affect us. Sometimes delicately, like a soft dance at sunset on a golden afternoon... Other times abruptly, not even leaving time to set the pace, pirouetting ourselves into a complex vortex of interrupted responses...

Our brain thinks, feels and gets emotional. All at once. All the time. And it reminds us in equivocal ways of what we take for granted. It is its function: to discern, maintain or exclude what serves us.

Yes, our narrative memory is flawed. But somatic memory is faithful. The body remembers everything, since forever, and reproduces in the form of reactions how much of these memories were integrated. Or not.

What is not felt cannot be processed. And to feel, we need the encounter.

Want help to feel? Let's meet.






Bem vindos às fontes donde bebo e jorro.

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